Who is going to be the next Iron Man

Who is going to be the next Iron Man

Yes, you heard all right, we have all found a new Iron Man, which you will be shocked to hear and the same would lead to the arammer of Tony Stark in the future and take this iconic character forward. But before you start a discussion about this post, I want to tell you that this is a fan base Theory, but it can be real.  

A new name has been add to the cast list of the “Avengers 4”, which is not to be recognized by many of you, if you want to know that who he is then we should go for the time of Iron Man 3.

So if you remember Iron Man 3, you will remember the character of Harley who had helped Tony Stark so much that it is Tyson and he is going to roll into the Avengers four.   When Iron Man came in three, so the people were thinking What was needed in this little kid’s movie, even if it wasn’t, the movie line didn’t have any effect at all, and it was as though it was as smart as a childhood and Tony Stark also showed him his childhood Was able to add. After all, at such a young age, he had made a gadget like the potash gun, and in the movie’s end, we also saw that Tony transformed his coverage into an advanced lab, but neither did he ever show the boy nor did he ever mention it but now five years later, Harley One of the reasons for bringing back is that he will be given the title of Iron Man.  

But there is one big reason why it seems that Iron Man’s character will now Harle it on the fan-thinker, he’ll be on the funirail of Tony Stark.

Now many of you will say that Iron Man will not die, he should not be dying or no one can replace RDJ. So I agree with all these things, but one thing is that the RDJ is making the same roll for the last ten years and he himself has spoken that no actor wants to make his entire life a single roll and he is 53 years old so that he rolls out a superhero To be the oldest actor and you all know that his contract with the Avengers is going to end, so he has an opportunity to take the rest of Iron Man’s character and give a new direction to his acting career.  

So I was telling you which Harley will have an entry on the Iron Man’s funurail and he would be tribute to Tony Stark. The nature and the smartness is no less than a Harley, so it will be best to roll the Iron Man. If seen by age, Tyson is 16 years old if he is given the roll of iron man for sixteen years and such a young age, Marvel will secure his future, just as he has made Tom Holland roll in the Spinder, i.e. the next ten twenty years. By the year we could see the Charter in a relaxed way, a sixteen-year-old boy in the comics gave the title of Iron Man and his name was Nathanael Richard, not that a young age man had never received the title before.